When you choose The Faraway Teacher, you are choosing a tutor who is master’s qualified in primary education at the University of Sydney and has taught in three of the highest rated education systems in the world.

You can have peace of mind knowing:

  • I’m an experienced teacher, having spent 9 years teaching in different classrooms around the world using a variety of curricula and pedagogies. For further details on my experience, please see the ‘About’ page.

  • I’ve been conducting private tutoring since 2013 and online tutoring since 2019 with consistently excellent feedback.

  • I’m running online sessions over a secure connection.

  • I’ll provide you with progress updates after each lesson.

I offer a highly personalized tutoring service that adheres to the best in educational standards, while offering unrivaledreliability, flexibility, and convenience for parents. One of the benefits of my experience is the ability to make learning fun and engaging. All children are unique and respond to different teaching methods, and I look to adapt my teaching style to individual children.

Of course, some of the broader benefits of your child undertaking additional online education include:

  • One-on-one learning allows children to work at their own pace, whatever that might be!

  • Learning online provides shy and struggling children a less intimidating environment to ask questions (than in front of all their peers in the classroom). Developing confidence in this online setting can lead to more confidence in classroom participation too!

  • Online tutoring offers flexibility in schedule and the additional convenience of taking place from the comfort and safety of your child’s home.

  • Using a computer and online classroom improves technology skills for children, and high digital proficiency is becoming more and more important in schools and in the workplace.

The Faraway Teacher provides the highest caliber of personalized online teaching. If you want to build your child’s knowledge or skillset, develop an enjoyment of learning, or improve their grades, look no further than The Faraway Teacher.