The Faraway Teacher offers bespoke online tutoring for children in elementary/primary school and middle school. I maintain a flexible schedule and work around the needs of you and your child.

My services can be broken up into 2 categories – Schoolwork Extension and Tailored Learning. 

Schoolwork Extension

This includes:

  • Homework assistance
  • Test preparation
  • Catching up on missed learning
  • Expanding on school learning

This service is the perfect supplement to your child’s school education. Building on school learning through tailored tutoring can help children gain a better understanding of subject matter, reinforce information covered at school, and improve their general skills. In the majority of cases, this leads to better test results and overall grades as well as greater confidence.

Prior to the first session, I will consult with you and/or your child’s teacher/s (should they allow) regarding specific learning needs, subject matter, and expectations. During sessions, your child can receive assistance with their schoolwork, homework, assignments, and projects.

If your child has an upcoming test to prepare for, I will help your child study by reviewing what they have learned. I will identify areas to improve on (whether that be practice recalling information or developing skills further) and focus on these. In addition, I’ll share test-taking techniques and provide guidance on additional study to undertake in their own time, if desired.

After every session, I will provide you a lesson report detailing the subject matter covered as well as general commentary on your child’s progress and achievement. This report is very popular among parents, and it’s free of charge!

Tailored Learning

This includes:

  • Specifically-designed, structured lessons in line with your chosen curriculum
  • Concepts beyond those covered at school
  • Gifted and talented education
  • Special needs support

This service is designed for children who require help that is separate from their school education. This includes support for children with learning disabilities or special needs who need the curriculum adjusted in order to achieve grade level understanding. This service is also ideal for gifted and advanced children who are working beyond their grade level and need to be challenged. 

If you need help in determining if this service is right for you and your child, please visit the ‘Contact’ page to share your child’s unique learning requirements.

Prior to the first session, I will consult with you regarding your child’s specific needs, the subject matter to be covered, and expectations for learning. I will create a unit plan, aligned with the curriculum of your choice and work through agreed-upon learning objectives with your child. Learning will incorporate assessments at the beginning and throughout tutoring in order to gauge your child’s progress. These results will be shared with you. You will also receive post lesson reports detailing the subject matter covered as well as general commentary on your child’s progress and achievement.

Standard fees start from $70 USD per hour for homework assistance, test preparation, and general learning extension. For advanced needs, please get in touch for a quote. Sessions run for a minimum of one hour with no maximum time. 

All sessions include a free post-lesson report emailed within 24 hours and a consultation with you and your child’s teacher (should you wish) prior to commencement. See ‘FAQ’ for more information or click the below button to get in contact.